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Ratings: 493

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Overall & Fun Factor Winner: Hakaiju

Griggy, pwnofprophecy, Peleg Bahat and Samantha Scardino's Hakaiju is one of the most impressive kaiju games I have ever played. It controls very well and offers the player the opportunity to destroy a colourful blocky city with a vast selection of different abilities. A very enjoyable game! 

Visuals Winner: Kaiju Apocalypse 

FloatingOer's Kaiju Apocalypse gives players the opportunity to defend the country of Japan from giant kaiju crabs. Its TV-like visuals which use retro aesthetics, noise and other effects that cleanly convey the old TV aesthetic. A very challenging but enjoyable game.  

Aladdin of the Forsaken Lands expertly captures the feeling of 16-bit Super Nintendo roleplaying games. A very deep and well-made game, it reframes the Aladdin story into a fantastical science fiction world which of course features monstrous kaiju. Made by CrimsonBulb, marri.go.arts, Wojtek Kielar and ManofStories. You can hear Wojtek Kielar's aware winning music for the game here

Originality Winner: Crustacean Camera Caddie

Cubellia, KirakiraMagic, Madsoup and Zucchini presented this really cool prototype for Kaijujam 2. In which you use a golf club to knock a spherical camera flying to get close-up photographs of a monstrous egg-crab kaiju attacking the city. It has a very clean interface and great designs.