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OzMaister's The Unknown Amidst the Stars has you control a spaceship that must close a deadly dimension portal. This game feels very unique, instead of looking through a window into the depths of space you must instead use a radar system. You must also manage other elements of the ship. It creates a tense but fun gaming experience.

Visuals Winner: Lord of Doors

Lemi's second win was Lord of Doors. A very emotional but beautiful game, like many of Lemi's games this game offers multiple endings and a deep story with lovely art. Really worth diving into this one yourself and experiencing its story.

Bunny Lands: Golden Shore Island by victfv may look cute from the outside but it is indeed a cosmic horror game. It won the fun factor award for its great gameplay a 3D platformer where you can sledge down hills and scale mountains on platforms. A very neat game. 

Audio Winner: Beats Of Cthulhu

LegionGames made Beats of Cthulhu, a rhythm game where you must block Cthulhu's attacks. A lot of button mashing to the beat of a rocky electronic guitar soundtrack. A fun game which deserved the audio award for the first Cosmic Horrors Jam. 

Originality Winner: Blind Idiot God: Cold Open

Moss Covered Bones made Blind Idiot God: Cold Open for the Cosmic Horrors Jam. An eerie atmospheric experience where you must use the player's senses to explore the environment.  This is one of the most original games I have ever played, a tremendous experience that you really should try.